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No Stroll Through The Garden

When Adam and Eve walked with God life wasn’t good, it was great; but when they bit the apple their peace and joy did quickly abate. The price for those rebellious nibbles was loads of shame, fear and blame plus … Continue reading

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Rustication, Passing Through Eden

What’s it about country living that appeals to us so much; is it the pace or the view, perhaps the memories that draws each of us. The perfect Christmas or perfect Easter, reminders of the memories we crave, but they … Continue reading

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Attention Tension

Out of Adam’s side Eve was sculpted, God made her just for him; Saving blood flowed from Christ’s side Making His bride just for Him! God always does what’s best for us, Like the pristine garden made for them Where … Continue reading

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Even the word scares us, it’s always so near, like a shadow that follows, no comfort, no cheer. What is it source, did it start with the fall, as the serpent beguiled them and erected the wall. When walking with … Continue reading

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