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Is Death The Beginning Or The End

Is death a portal or a door into heaven or to hell; or the journey’s starting point where value, purpose start to jell? Adam and Eve desired their freedom, though they had it all the while; chose to interact with … Continue reading

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Where were you that fateful day when evil flew and innocence betrayed, we watched in shock as the towers fell knowing sadly life had forever changed. Evil does its master’s bidding, Satan lives to kill, steal, and destroy and lying … Continue reading

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The Legacy of Injustice 

Injustice is all around us, you see it everywhere, but if we’re not real careful we’ll find we just don’t care. From a senseless drive-by shooting to defacing redwood trees, prevaricating by the fake news, a family torn apart by … Continue reading

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The State of The Nation

Another years upon us for better or for worse, the nation mired in crisis, command paralysis. Duped by Satan’s allies, who want to blot us off the earth; more concerned with global warming than the nukes being birthed. Right and … Continue reading

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Evil in Paris

How do you make sense of the senseless? Can a reasonably moral person even comprehend the degree of hatred behind these latest unimaginable, cowardly, imbecilic acts of vengeance/retribution. For sure it is good versus evil, righteous versus unrighteous but in … Continue reading

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I apologize that my earlier post got posted way before it was finished. Hopefully this one will make up for it.

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Another friend has lost the battle Way before his time Heroin has claimed another Way before his time. Life seems much less important The good guys never win Heroin takes another, The good guys…

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