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Killer Words

How often this past week have you used the word “hate” when discussing a controversial or contentious issue? I’ve noted in my own comments of late that I’ve used the hate word a whole lot more often than I should. … Continue reading

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Laughing and Life

The Bible doesn’t say Jesus laughed, Though perhaps He often smiled; When you’ve come to save the nations Laughings just not in style. Is man spring-loaded to laughing, So perhaps we won’t cry We wear our masks nobly As we … Continue reading

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Spirit of Death

Have you ever stopped to think why Zombies, ghosts, Super Hero’s, Halloween, etc. have become so popular of late? Or, why the occult and violent video games are on the rise? Or, the reason for suicide to be so alarmingly … Continue reading

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“O Death, Where Is Thy Victory”

I’ve always felt a bit uneasy referring to the day our Savior was crucified as Good Friday. Oh, I understand why we call it that since with the Christ’s sacrifice on the cross our redemption was secured. But I think … Continue reading

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Death, the great equalizer that all of us must some day face and no one can avoid. Rich, poor, male, female, athlete or book worm we all are heading towards it. Some more rapidly than others but it’s going to … Continue reading

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The Liar Wears Grief

It’s appeared to me as I have grieved the loss of my son that satan hasn’t lightened up his assault on me, in fact he’s quadrupled it. It’s during times like this in your life when what you believe, is … Continue reading

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