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Being OCD-Like In A Non-Obsessive Compulsive World

I like happy endings. Perhaps that’s why I like Hallmark movies and my favorite book is “To Kill a Mockingbird”. But life affords few happy endings. Or does it? Jesus being born poor, in a dirty barn; living His life … Continue reading

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Seeking Hard After God

“Before a man can seek God God must first have sought the man”, (1) God puts the desire to know Him n’us, uses circumstances to execute His sovereign plan. But man wants all the credit, though it all belongs to … Continue reading

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The Tracks of Life

Does life unfold in clustered feelings, good things happening all at once; then the bad things joined together, coming at you unannounced? Or, do life’s events come rolling at you like a train on life’s rail lines, good and bad … Continue reading

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