Glimpse of Glory, Easter and The Quintessential Savior

It seemed they’d waited forever
for their Messiah to come;
yet when He arrived,
treated Him like He was just a bum.

They were put off talking to Jesus,
a threat was what they saw;
He hung with the poor, social misfits,
His behavior not expected after all.

They used trumped up charges,
and forced Pilate’s hand,
but Pilate couldn’t wash away his guilt,
he’d killed an innocent man.

Back when sin crawled around in Eden,
Adam and Eve wanted to be like God;
not obeying, followed their senses,
bit the apple, equality just a facade.

But none of this surprised the Father,
He had the perfect plan in place,
though they’d acted like they were gods,
they’d be redeemed by God’s pure grace.

Only Jesus could transform their failure,
He completely God, yet fully man;
sin came in the world through Adam,
a perfect Man had to execute God’s plan.

All man’s sins were placed on Jesus,
the spotless Lamb appeared a beast,
God’s Son paid for man’s sin problem,
their admittance to His wedding feast.

That Friday was profanely evil,
more evil than any day’d ever been;
the hope of the nation’s cruelly crucified,
Satan celebrated what he thought a win.

Most taunted the Messiah,
the temple veil was torn in half,
the creation itself mourned ‘n darkness,
Jesus executed on our behalf.

Was the sun surprised that morning,
the Son who’d placed it there above
now crucified and buried,
how’d they miss His awesome love?

If there had been another option
to procure man from his great fall,
a loving Father would’ve used it
but His holiness required atonement,
once and forever after all.

But there’s more to the story
than could be seen that evil day;
God’s creation had been scandalized,
it’s very Creator crucified, done away;

The Lamb that roared now man’s redeemer,
the Lion born for such a time;
God Himself would pay man’s ransom,
Spirit-filled man’s new paradigm.

Early that Sunday morning when the Mary’s
and Salome went to the tomb,
and saw that it was empty
and learned what made that Friday Good.

The Man that Joseph buried had arisen,
He was alive and walked, restored;
He did exactly what He said He’d do,
man would walk with God just like before.

A new relationship with God was tendered,
bought and paid for by the Christ;
A new covenant that would last forever,
all because The Lamb had been sacrificed.

But mere words can’t describe what happened
unless they’re written on your heart,
the great news for all God’s people
God came to stay, He won’t depart!

Mason Swinney


About menmourningmoments

I'm happily married, the Father of 2 sons and 2 daughters and 4 beautiful grandchildren. Death is all around us but somehow we've managed to distance ourselves from it. Men, Mourning, Moments is about how the death of my son awakened me to life & the desire to seize every moment as though it were my last. It's about making sense of life in the good times and bad and allowing GOD to carry me and teach me through the hard times in life.
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