The Hard Shell Called Life

Life was never meant to be easy,
in fact it’s downright hard,
so hard you want’a stop trying,
the whole world is broken, marred.

You disappoint people without trying
your best intentions blow up in your face,
you try to protect others interests
and end up all alone and disgraced.

You tried hard to be more relational,
isn’t that the way it’s suppose to be?
But the most relational person ever, Jesus
was murdered, nailed to a tree.

Is life two steps forward and three back,
at least it seems that’s the way it goes.
Or is that our own wrong perspective,
expecting life’s blessings to continually flow.

Perhaps it’s hard due to our past actions
or that’s just the way it’s meant to be,
through no fault or failure by us,
life just isn’t easy you see.

Maybe it helps to live’n the present,
the past is gone let it go;
don’t project it on your future,
creating a maelstrom of anxiety, depression, woe.

Aren’t our memories a bit myopic
when looking back over our lives,
the bad times take on different meanings,
the good times thrive and survive.

Rather than worrying
about things that won’t happen,
let’s learn to live by Grace;
understanding no one’s perfect
so stop trying so hard to be great;
and let God’s perfection and love overwhelm us
and let faith, not fear, guide our way.


About menmourningmoments

I'm happily married, the Father of 2 sons and 2 daughters and 4 beautiful grandchildren. Death is all around us but somehow we've managed to distance ourselves from it. Men, Mourning, Moments is about how the death of my son awakened me to life & the desire to seize every moment as though it were my last. It's about making sense of life in the good times and bad and allowing GOD to carry me and teach me through the hard times in life.
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