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Shaun’s Mythology, Year 6

Shaun, we miss you more than ever, it’s not gotten easier over the years. The road of life’s a hazardous journey, the narrow road the one that’s clear. We know you didn’t mean to leave us, the road you took … Continue reading

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Think about all the people you’ve met over the years, is there a rhyme or reason for ’em or a purpose not always clear? We leave a bit of self, in everybody that we meet; and take a piece of … Continue reading

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Glimpse of Glory, Easter and The Quintessential Savior

It seemed they’d waited forever for their Messiah to come; yet when He arrived, treated Him like He was just a bum. They were put off talking to Jesus, a threat was what they saw; He hung with the poor, … Continue reading

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Putin vs. Dems

I fear Dem’s a lot more than Putin. It’s they who support killing babies just like they opposed freeing slaves. Repubs have a sane agenda, while Dem’s their Weiner’s show, with the party of Clinton, Obama, when the Repubs go … Continue reading

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The Hard Shell Called Life

Life was never meant to be easy, in fact it’s downright hard, so hard you want’a stop trying, the whole world is broken, marred. You disappoint people without trying your best intentions blow up in your face, you try to … Continue reading

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