Man’s Paradox

Before the fix appears
You must admit you’re broken
All of you including emotions.

Like humming birds that flutter
Near the nectar required,
So man flits through life searching
For the meaning and purpose desired.

We can’t fix ourselves,
We’ve been trying forever
And if you stop, look, consider
You’ll see we’re just not that clever.

It’s fun for a while,
But becomes an unrelenting parasite;
living wild in the madness,
Nothing to show but an insatiable appetite.

The magnatitude of the problem
Calls for more than mere tweaking;
Rather a complete overhaul
Is actually what’s needed.

Thankfully God’s more than willing,
If we’d get out of the way,
And let Him make us over
While we trust and obey.

So the solutions quite simple
Stop trying, confess
Let God do the changing
Stand back and be blessed.

Mason Swinney


About menmourningmoments

I'm happily married, the Father of 2 sons and 2 daughters and 4 beautiful grandchildren. Death is all around us but somehow we've managed to distance ourselves from it. Men, Mourning, Moments is about how the death of my son awakened me to life & the desire to seize every moment as though it were my last. It's about making sense of life in the good times and bad and allowing GOD to carry me and teach me through the hard times in life.
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