Vicarious Man

I’d like for a moment to consider how vicarious life styles have impacted our view of life and death. By vicarious-life styles I mean life experienced through imagined participation in life portrayed in other mediums.

Our world is full of vicarious-people living vicarious-lives through books, movies, sports, etc. We try to escape the brokenness of our lives and the world by “entering into” the movies, television, games, books, music, etc. we see, read and listen to. We subconsciously try to live in the make believe world they illustrate.

A little of that maybe OK, even good, but more and more people have crossed over the line and are living in this make believe world more than they’d care to admit or, probably, imagine.

I listen all the time to people, especially young people, who communicate with each other by quoting lines from movies or songs. It’s almost to the point that I can’t participate in their conversations because I don’t speak the same language.

My concern is as the world gets harder and harder to live in, and it’s already pretty darn hard, the more we are being lured into this make believe world and the more out of touch we become with the real world, real people, real life.

A number of phenomena have resulted from this vicarious style of living. I think that’s one of the powers behind advertising and purchasing things to complete us. Or the reported increase in violence we see all around us and the epidemic drug and alcohol use in our communities to numb the pain of our marginalized lives.

It stands to reason then that our view of death may also be distorted by it for some people. They see death as a reasonable alternative to life here on earth. Perhaps this explains the alarming increase in suicides in our communities, especially among young people. That and the unrealistic view of life and death that some of these mediums portray like the idea that Death only happens to the other guy, I’m invincible. Perhaps this explains the rise in all these super human movies like Transformers, Superman, Ironman, Batman and on and on. If we don’t believe in a loving, sovereign God then we have to look to something else to protect/save us.

More and more people are being lured into the occult and the so-called power that comes with it, thinking they can control it and no longer be pushed around by anyone. Vampires are now good people not all that much different than us and, therefore, don’t need to be feared/avoided. Zombie movies and books abound and more and more people think Zombies actually exist.

We’ve been created in God’s image so we all know subconsciously that there is Something bigger than ourselves out there. If we don’t believe that It is God, then something else has to fill that giant hole in our souls. And, if intuitively we know that we can’t fill it ourselves, we naturally look outside ourselves for HELP. Like Dorothy, we no longer live in Kansas. And, just like Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion aren’t who they appear to be either and we aren’t going to find life’s answers in Oz.

So, truth is out there and we are all aware of that fact, whether we want to admit it or not. Unfortunately, too many of us suppress it by participating in vicarious life styles and/or simply not taking the time to stop, think and consider it. But, if we did, we’d see that Truth is The Person who can really and totally set us free! Try Him, you won’t be sorry.

Mason Swinney


About menmourningmoments

I'm happily married, the Father of 2 sons and 2 daughters and 4 beautiful grandchildren. Death is all around us but somehow we've managed to distance ourselves from it. Men, Mourning, Moments is about how the death of my son awakened me to life & the desire to seize every moment as though it were my last. It's about making sense of life in the good times and bad and allowing GOD to carry me and teach me through the hard times in life.
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2 Responses to Vicarious Man

  1. sherry says:

    So true Mason,Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thanks for reading & responding Sherry.


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