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“O Death, Where Is Thy Victory”

I’ve always felt a bit uneasy referring to the day our Savior was crucified as Good Friday. Oh, I understand why we call it that since with the Christ’s sacrifice on the cross our redemption was secured. But I think … Continue reading

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My Prayer

As we contemplate death and how as sinful man we perceive it, God gave me this prayer that I’d like to share with you. President Franklin Roosevelt (FDR) said all we have to fear is fear itself. The God of … Continue reading

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Even the word scares us, it’s always so near, like a shadow that follows, no comfort, no cheer. What is it source, did it start with the fall, as the serpent beguiled them and erected the wall. When walking with … Continue reading

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Death, the great equalizer that all of us must some day face and no one can avoid. Rich, poor, male, female, athlete or book worm we all are heading towards it. Some more rapidly than others but it’s going to … Continue reading

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Faith, Hope and Love

The Bible says faith is being sure of what’s hoped for, being convinced of things we don’t see. Faith is living as though we’ve already won, it’s our mode of travel until the end has come. Our faith’s in a … Continue reading

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