The Holiness and Love Connection

Holy, holy, holy,
treble praise the Seraphim sing,
Isaiah overwhelmed and broken,
unhinged God’s presence brings.

Holiness and grading curves, can’t go together;
only perfect hearts can confer perfect love
anything less isn’t perfect,
it’s found only in God Who’s above.

The only spotless lamb, King Jesus;
Man’s spots are dark and perverse
and our hearts unquestionably darker,
and our lips, by far, even worse.

We’re all desperately wicked,
by any scale we’re undone,
there is no goodness in us,
our best is what evil becomes.

But The Lamb changed that forever,
He absorbed man’s sin and hate
He took our brokenness on Him
and transformed our hearts and fate.

Faith is a gift from heaven,
we can be born again,
re-knit by God the Spirit,
earth, for now, the womb we reside in;

our hearts umbilical cords to Jesus,
the only God-man that exists,
His Holiness, Holiness, Holiness
is the power that makes love persist;

our labor pains don’t last forever,
our birth canal can be seen,
the Great Physician is waiting
for us to come home now redeemed.

Mason Swinney

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Positive or Negative?

I’m currently undergoing Neuro Emotional Technique, NET, testing wherein they locate stored within your muscles past traumas and other negative events that have not been adequately dealt with. I am amazed at how well it works.

However, I was wondering why we spend so much time and money trying to locate and identify past traumatic and other suppressed negative events and little or no effort trying to locate past blessings, positive, healthy events? I understand the presupposition that these past traumatic experiences need to be identified and “prayed” over. But what if the more positive sides of our lives were identified and “praised” over since God inhabits the praises of His people wouldn’t that exponentially affect healing as well and wouldn’t we be getting more bang for the buck focusing on the positive sides of our lives rather than the negative, especially since light always defeats darkness and considering the self-fulfilling prophecy. At the very least shouldn’t we be doing both?

Just a thought.

Mason Swinney

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Sieve List

Bucket lists get much attention,
list the things you want to do?
Decide, your time’s expiring,
your years remaining few.

But after you’ve done them
what difference has been made,
sure some excitement and adventures
but real soon the memories fade.

Instead let’s make a sieve list,
things received we give away,
then instead of collecting relics
we put a smile on people’s day.

And then all get a blessing,
the helped and helper alike
for giving is better than receiving
Jesus said so it must be right.

Mason Swinney

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Some of us are candles,
others more like rocks;
one lights up life’s moments,
the other more orthodox.

Light always defeats the darkness,
rocks can mark the way;
strike a match and darkness scatters,
a marked path can keep you safe.

The example Jesus left us
spend time with God alone,
He wants to share our moments
as we worship at His throne.

Jesus gave up heaven’s treasures
so we could treasure Him,
Satan tries to counterfeit ’em;
he’s pure evil outside, in;

his trinkets sabotage our thinking
pretending we’re happier than we are,
and our toys bring lasting pleasure
when in fact they never did.

Wishful thinking spawns illusions
meant to charm but only fool,
they come dressed up as blessings
but there curses, Satan’s tools.

Life’s a struggle, many battles
and we’re broken to begin,
damaged goods wanting importance,
so life’s answers aren’t within.

It’s actually quite simple,
stop trying, turn to Him,
only He can truly save us,
born new creatures once again.

So give yourself to Jesus,
let Him do all the rest,
He promises to change us,
trust in Him He knows what’s best.

Can it really be that simple?
Yes it’s simple, but wasn’t cheap,
Jesus had to leave His Father
for His mission to complete;

Mankinds sins required atonement,
a blood payment was the price,
only blood from someone perfect,
could make that sacrifice;

Jesus came to earth to do it,
completely God and fully man
He obeyed God’s law completely,
was sacrificed, His Father’s plan.

Man’s sin problems taken care of
by Jesus on the cross;
but our wills and way of thinking
have to change, remove the dross.

Our troubles start in our computers,
they need to be retooled,
God’s Word the program needed,
our thinking hardwired is the cure.

God spoke the world into existence,
His words pack quite a punch,
look at all His words created
fixing us won’t take that much.

The key is the agenda,
follow His or follow ours,
history proves that ours are broken,
only His are God empowered.

The choice is fairly simple,
trust in Him or trust in us,
see the answers in the trusting
and if He’s God who else to trust!

Mason Swinney

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Jesus or the Thief?

Who do you relate to
Jesus or the thief?
Before you start to answer
take a moment to debrief.

We’ve tried to take the high road,
compared to others not so bad,
so why do we feel guilty,
quick to anger, getting mad?

So we seek to earn a blessing,
we try with all our might
but we see we just can’t do it
we won’t ever get it right.

But being righteous isn’t effort,
it’s what’s been done for you;
and removing our imperfections
requires a mirror to see them through;

but when gazing at the mirror
it’s the thief that’s staring back
and he looks a whole lot like me,
all my features, all my cracks.

The mirror is the Bible
but it can’t remove the log,
only Jesus can remove it,
set us free and lifts the fog;

our healing’s for the asking,
just believing that He can
and trusting Him to do it,
He’s The Lion and The Lamb.

It’s His love that He deposits
and new eyes to help us see
in the twinkling of a moment
we’re reborn, forever free.

Like babies in a cradle
we’re brand new, can start again,
the Holy Spirit is our parent
He’ll be with us til the end;

and when God is living in you,
your purpose figured out
and you’re changing on the inside,
you’re a marvel, void of doubt!

Mason Swinney

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Conjoined Sin?

Do fear and anger go together,
when fear lifts it’s frightened head
we merely react, not really thinking
to whatever we thought was said?

Fear can be a good thing
when it warns that troubles near,
but when it causes you to panic,
then the purpose can become unclear.

To control our head-fueled anger
we must reign in the frightening fear,
only Perfect Love can do that,
only true love perseveres.

Separation helps the process,
disarms paralyzing fear,
stopping, thinking, praying,
causes fear to disappear;

understanding God is sovereign,
means knowing Who’s in charge,
then behaving cause we trust Him,
our obedience glorifies the Lord;

it’s normally a lifestyle,
mastered over time,
each step gets us much closer,
to the me God has in mind.

Like diamonds that are buried
amongst the coal and dirt,
you must dig down deep to find ’em
then filter out things that subvert.

Real living starts with dying,
first to self, then things we want,
and the things once thought important
replaced by things that really count;

as fear and anger start receding,
a hint of confidence on our face
for when you walk with the Messiah,
you can’t help but feel His Grace.

Mason Swinney

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Why are we here,
what’s it about?
Is there real meaning
or just reams of pure doubt?

Everything seems random,
we’re so out of touch
we want to be someone
we want it so much.

Off to work in the morning,
home by six;
frozen dinners and reruns,
no politics.

Yard work on the weekends,
date night at eight,
a movie and dinner,
home early, not late.

The older we get
we don’t venture out,
it’s way too much trouble,
simply pretend we’re devout.

Is there more to it,
are we living the dream?
Is the carousel slowing,
is this all it seems?

Somehow you’ve missed it,
it’s not what you planned,
you’re running the treadmill
and life is a scam.

There must be an answer,
there just has to be?
You’ll pursue it tomorrow
you’ll find it and see.

The sun rising and setting,
the moon and stars way up there,
these things don’t just happen
there’s a designer somewhere.

You know there’s more to it,
Or perhaps it’s a Who,
keep looking you’ll find ’em
do great questions come true?

The first steps the hardest,
your fear overcome,
if you cry out the question,
the answer will come,

The answer’s a person named Jesus the Christ
but He’s not just a man, He’s God in the flesh
only He can transform us and make us brand new!

Mason Swinney

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