Vincent’s Story and Most Popular 🖼

Vincent van Gogh

A pastor’s assistant,
helping the poor,
art dealer and artist,
there has to be more.

Off to seminary
like Grandpa and Dad
but Greek and Hebrew
were too much for the lad.

Living with miners
who liked him a lot,
tried being Jesus to ‘em,
canned’s what he got.

Crushed by religion
church buildings, no light
is God somewhere out there
on those long lonely nights?

Vincent learned a hard lesson,
talk like Christ you’re adored;
but live like Christ lived
and it’s you they abhor.

God speaks through nature,
Vincent spoke through his paint
broad strokes, exclamations,
common things, even quaint.

Had a passion for nature
olive groves, fields of wheat,
but with no one to love
his life seemed incomplete.

His heart often broken,
Uncle Stricker had final say,
betrayal’s hard to handle
daughter Kee couldn’t stay.

Brother Theo believed in him
when few people did
helped to support him
put his art out to bid.

People can make us
or break us in two
each put in our paths
but it’s us who must choose;

Vincent kept painting
though few people would pay
thought his style was correct
continued painting his way.

But his way was a challenge
but still it survived
his pallet his mouth piece,
his broad strokes came alive.

His genius on canvas
his depression increased
his art seemed to brighten,
his sanity decreased.

His paintings and sketches
are his legacy,
we gaze at his genius
amazed by what we see.

Vincent cut off his ear
when they wouldn’t hear;
took his own life when
they treated his art cavalier.

Was it depression, insanity
that betrayed him,
cost him his life?
His pain real, not imagined,
paranoia and strife.

But he left us his treasure
it’s time finally arrived,
his depression behind him
but his genius survived.

Perhaps the lesson we learn
is seen through his art
life may have failed him
but God stayed close to his heart;

and God’s in the simple,
the day and night kinda things
like butterflies and sorrow
and the colors they bring.

The paintings prophetic, would soon come to be,
the pristine little village, with church steeple sentry,
the cypress tree ladder that reached to the sky
for Vincent’s journey to heaven in the cleft by and by
where blue’s heavens color, a crescent moon provides light,
and Jesus welcomes Vincent on this starry starry night.

Mason Swinney

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Independence Revisited

what does it mean
no rules, no laws, no boundaries,
you choose your fate it seems?

You do life your way
and I’ll do mine
but is that independence
or bondage of another kind?

Making all our own decisions,
some right, to many wrong
and they’re resulting consequences
always following along.

We don’t have all the answers
though we think we do,
Satan’s native tongue is lying,
you know what’s best for you?

We often talk of freedom
but are we ever free
our choices logged, indelible ink
detail who we will be.

If independence means our choices
aren’t as crushing as the Lord’s,
but God’s laws aren’t a burden
they’re relational tools, our bodyguards.

Adam and Eve found through the apple
that independence isn’t free,
trading walking with Jesus
for shame and fear just fruitless inanity.

When you’re cruising down the highway
that’s when you seem most free
but when your roadster leaves the roadway
your life becomes highway debris.

Satan travels super highways,
just God the narrow way
and though at times it seems the hardest
it’s gold surface won’t decay,

and as we read the road signs
life’s meaning starts to appear
and we grasp that God’s been calling,
inviting us join Him, draw near,

then we see what’s right with independence
is what we’re independent of
and living by dependence on the Savior
is true freedom wrapped in love!

Mason Swinney

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Our Joan of Arc

Just when I thought our nation had reached a point of no return, God sends our Joan of Arc. Like God sent Moses, Abraham, David and many others at just the right time so He’s sent Judge Amy Coney Barrett exactly when our Nation needed her. It was like a visual sermon watching her the last couple days quietly yet confidently field many questions, some of which were directly or indirectly hostile with such grace, patience, self-control, and humility. She restored my hope for our Nation knowing that people like her still existed. She demonstrated an enormous amount of class, no Christlikeness, and showed us how to lovingly disagree with someone without attacking their character or right to speak their opinion. She looked straight at each speaker and seemed genuinely interested in what they had to say no matter how hostile they were. She never got upset and appeared to take no offense at whatever was said. She displayed a quiet confidence that was very engaging; an intellect that was humbling; and a memory that was photographic. She’s a model of civility, decency, humility, and turning the other cheek and soon to be America’s Joan of Arc.

Mason Swinney

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The Smoke of Hope

Rainbows follow storm clouds,
flowers bud from spring showers,
sweet babies come through labor pains
that often last for hours.

Broken bones after mending
are stronger than before the fracture;
diamonds are a mass of little carbons
bonded together by heat and pressure.

Patina comes from aging
like sunspots on a hand
and plywood over windows
can signal change began.

What we see around us
is either very bad or really great,
but true great can only happen
if God’s the change agent.

When change is what’s essential
then repentance turns the wheels
and we leave the pigs for restoration
and our celebrations real, ideal. (*1)

Doing the next right thing
will determine our nations fate,
repent and follow Jesus
or more politicizing, killing, hate;

the choice is set before us,
our children’s future’s in our hands,
we must trust the God who made us
and obey His perfect plan.

Dr. King showed us how to do it
as he preached beside his burning home,
“I want you to love our enemies”
he said after checking on his family
“Be good to them, love them, and let them know you love them.” (*2)
Forgiveness, grace, and determination in his tone.
His message changed our Nation,
and if we follow his brave lead
it can change it once again!

Mason Swinney

(*1) Luke 15:14-24
(*2) Preached 1/30/1956 immediately after a white supremist threw a bomb through the front door of his Montgomery, Alabama home

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The Fires Of Judgement and Hope

America’s fires continue
it’s the way the angry speak,
vultures burning up Bald Eagles
while leadership hides and peeks.

The City on a hill’s been flattened,
imploding and exploding all about,
our politics turned to hatred,
our destiny now raging doubt.

And the problem daily deepens
and like smallpox it’s very contagious,
us verses them is their mantra
and no behavior’s considered outrageous.

Schools closed by the Masked Covid Wringer
a few teachers part of Antifa’s (*1) heinous hordes
who vehemently hate Right-Wingers
though funded by the Nazi George Soros.

We’ve traded compassion for self-absorption,
the pretext getting our fair share
but the scales are out of balance,
all we see is the glare of despair.

FakeNews’s is just poor fiction,
their script the lies small minds conceive
and the truth’s always someone to blame
like Hitler’s Kristallnacht-ing Nazi’s,

they goose step with LeftThink-media
who live to censor those on the right
using their Newspeak (*2) double standards
by their eggheads that cower, recite.

King Cotton was just a barbarian
whose royalty bought awful choices
that allowed slavery to become their “right”
while slaves were left without any voices.

Abortions the next rung on the ladder
though leaned against the Serpent’s tree
used as inhuman whipping posts,
now particle board foundation for abortion’s right to be.

Now we’re harvesting what we’ve planted
like Cain’s sins that multiplied, (*3)
60 million pre-born children crying from the trash heaps
cause we bought into Devilthink’s heartless lies.

If we can’t love little babies
can we love at all?
The destruction of our most defenseless
has caused our precipitous fall;

We refused to stand against evil slavery
now abortions destroying human life’s
while Uncle Sam protects the killers
as baby children are sacrificed.

It’s rebellion against our Maker
when we shake clenched fists at God
and forget that He is sovereign
and rules with an iron rod.

Then suddenly we notice
they’re rioting in our towns
and wonder how it happened
as our towns are burning down?

So judgment burns around us
regrettably it’s what we deserve
when little lives mean very little
it’s because bigger lives lost their nerve.

When you sow seeds of destruction,
ruination’s what you reap
and since “God’s law are pure, eternal” (*4)
God’s justice is what’s received.

But God’s judgment can cause restoration
if we follow where He leads
by making disciples where He puts us
and good results are guaranteed. (*5)

Jesus paid for our rebellion
and the tree of life still grows
with leaves for healing nations (*6)
and grace like a river flows,

if we’ll turn back to the Savior,
repent for our wicked schemes,
we’ll see “justice roll on like a river,
righteousness like a never-failing stream!” (*7)

It all starts with the faith God gives us (*8)
and fleshed out by repenting to Him,
confessing that we are sinners
and pleading for healing to start within.

Jesus is the Great Physician
who gives the penicillin we need,
which is the Comforter, God the Spirit,
Who transforms us into the Saint’s we’re meant to be.

So let’s do the right thing for the babies
by remembering Jesus’s plea,
“whatever you did for one of the least of these”
it was as though you did it all for Me; (*9)

let’s honor the lives that were taken
by committing to do the right things
cause when we start walking with Jesus
we’ll see our burnt cities rise again.

Mason Swinney

(*1) Antifa according to FakeNews CNN is short for anti-fascists
(*2) “1984” by George Orwell
(*3) Genesis 4:9-11
(*4) Psalm 19: 9-11
(*5) Matthew 28:18-20
(*6) Revelation 22:2
(*7) Amos 5:24
(*8) Ephesians 2:8
(*9) Matthew 25:40

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The God In the High Castle

We are at a pivotal point in the future of the United States of America. Perhaps a better way of seeing it is we are at the precipice of this once great Nation’s last hurrah, it’s Armageddon. Now we are in the throes of another Civil War and the fate of the nation rests in our prayerful hands and knees. The left versus the right, the progressive versus conservative, the people of faith verses the people of the world, and if the media, Hollywood, and many politicians get us to think their way, the people of color versus the whiter folks.

But this is only as correct as we allow it to be. There is a God in the high castle and he is the God of the universe, the God who made it all, the God who rules it all, and the God who determined to work through sinful people like you and me. His weapons are love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, turn the other cheek and other biblical principles that this nation at one time believed in but have slowly turned away from allowing ourselves to be deceived by Satan and his demons and earthly agents. Like, for example, the world evolved and was not created; life doesn’t begin at conception; marriage and family are no longer needed; gender is whatever we want it to be; wealth and success and the American Dream are what life’s all about, not God, worship, obedience, respect for the elderly, fairness, doing the right thing always which are relics of a time long ago and are now no longer relevant. This, unfortunately, is true in many of our churches as well. But the American Dream isn’t biblical, in fact, if we think about it, it doesn’t even make common sense. The current American Dream is all about newer, bigger, brighter, louder things and God’s Dream is all about loving Him and loving people the way He modeled it. And, most of God’s enemies know and fear that God’s Dream wins out in the end.

Sure as a nation we’ve made lots of mistakes but that’s what most nations do, they make mistakes. But Jesus paid for all those mistakes called sins on the cross and invites us to be His brothers and sisters. Who will we “choose” to follow, Jesus or the evil empire, the one ruled serving self, stealth, lies, greed, power, and always looking good.

The challenge for each of us is to decide whether we’re going to believe God or the evil empire that’s trying but will fail to usurp God’s rightful place.

If you look at God’s track record, the decision should be fairly simple. Unfortunately, we are so self -anointed that we can’t look past our noses to see the truth. We’re like the thief on the cross who was hanging next to Jesus but wasn’t spiritually sensitive enough to see that he was God in the flesh and was therefore eternally condemned to the lake of fire. The other criminal could see past his nose and saw God and was with Him in paradise that very day.

Which criminal will this nation choose to be? The choice is simple but the consequences eternal. Let’s pray we choose wisely while we still can. Or, this City on a Hill envisioned by many of the countries earliest settlers will watch it become just another cesspool.

Mason Swinney

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The Backside of God’s Glory

God has no beginning, has no end,
loves unconditionally, is Holy, righteous, just,
unchanging, unrivaled, unequaled
yet graciously puts up with us.

From words alone God spoke it all into being,
but man rebelliously insists it evolved,
we’re obsessed with giving God little credit
and we each deserve nothing but hell;

God’s sovereign, omniscient, omnipotent,
and sees all of history at a glance,
works all things together for our good,
still we think things happen by chance.

Still He lets us God-made creatures
decide what our relationship’s to be,
even though we rebelled against Him,
He paid sins cost on the bloodstained tree.

Jesus appeared in mankind’s likeness,
though in fact we image bearers came in His,
He’s always been and always will be,
the everlasting God who always is.

A glimpse of the backside of God’s glory
which is all man could live and see,
can just words begin to describe it,
or like Isaiah settle for just “woe is me”.

As we walk beside our Savior
a new world appears before our eyes
as Father, Son and Holy Spirit replaces
the mini-trinity of me, myself and I.

We use to focus on the common, the mundane,
now our focus is on spiritual things
the transition divinely incremental
and ineffable blessings it surely brings.

Just as Jesus had to leave the planet
before God the Spirit could come,
so we must leave our earthly thinking
before heavenly thinking overcomes.

Humanity’s rushing to capture the future
though why and how’s not so clear,
is it our imagination that’s overreaching,
would we recognize what should appear?

If we would slow down for just a moment,
examine life’s so-called random events
we’d see Jesus fixed each of them for us
or empowered us to do what He meant,

so we can stop chasing rainbows,
they disappear the closer we get
and focus on The Artist who made ’em,
only He deserves to be glorified and worshiped.

Mason Swinney

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Reaping What We’ve Sowed

The results that follow the reign of the spirit of death rampant in our land are clearly defined in God’s word where Moses told the children of Israel in Deuteronomy 30:19 “I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Therefore, choose life….” In our representative form of government, we, the USA, chose slavery over freedom for all people and death over life in the Roe v. Wade decision. Unfortunately, the church’s action in the face of both national sins has been less than stellar.

Historically, our Nation was founded upon the principles of individual rights and freedom yet refused to deal with the issue of slavery at the beginning of this nation. And, this has been the source of one of our greatest problems and our greatest failures. In fact, it was not significantly confronted until our 16th President was elected and confirms the biblical truth that the sins of the father are past onto the children to the third and fourth generations. Unfortunately, Honest Abe’s election, seemingly providential, and giving our nation yet another opportunity to deal with this national sin was shortened by a bullet.

Our leadership crisis with this national sin started at the very top with all but 3 President’s before Lincoln, the 2 Adam’s and Harrison who died soon after taking office, being either slave owners themselves or pro-slavery. The most powerful political party was the Democratic Party which was pro-slavery and by 1860 no territory was denied slavery.

We, as a nation, chose self-government over Godly government and chose to do what was right in our own eyes (Judges 21:25). And, as stated in Proverbs 14:12 “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.” As I mentioned in an earlier post when man over the course of history, including USA history, has chosen to do what he thought was right in his own eyes, tragedy of unlimited proportions has followed. Take for example Stalin, who for a short time attended Orthodox Seminary, and his collectivism/industrialism; Hitler, who for a while claimed to be a Christ follower, and his Nazism/Eugenics; Pol Pot, who attended a Buddhist Monastery, and his Agrarian Utopia-ism; Idi Amin and his fanatical Muslim-ism and Christian-cleansing are but a few examples.

All of these men and slave owners believed in some form of master race and enslaved and eliminated perceived inferior ones and their nations were severely judged for it. Unfortunately we are much more like those Nations than we think. God often judged Israel in the Old Testament by the rulers set over them and the above nations and us are no different. In 1973 we got the Supreme Court we deserved and the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in our country followed. Now God is not allowed in our public forums; God’s laws are completely ignored; 60,000,000 helpless citizens have lost their lives; the Constitution is a meaningless relic; and our Nation has resisted God’s call after call to repent and turn back to Him. Some of these calls have been recent like 9/11, wars in Persian Gulf, Panama, Gulf War, Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, COVID-19, anarchy in our cities…..

Read the book of Lamentations in the Old Testament of the Bible and get a sense, feel for what happens to a people who reject God’s law and seek to do what is right in their own eyes. It is not a pretty picture.

So what awaits a nation that has turned it’s collective eyes away from slavery for hundreds of years and the killing of 60 million innocent pre-born babies? Their blood cries out to God from the ground and God is listening. And, what God did to the land on which Abel’s blood was spilled, God will do to the land on which slaves and 60 million lives has been spilled. He curses it.

We are a nation wallowing in the blood of the innocent. As Jeremiah came to see in Lamentations, God is a Holy, Righteous and Just God who, in accordance with His own character/will, has no choice but to judge a nation that destroys 60 million innocent lives and allowed brutal slavery to exist for hundreds of years. And, He is loving and compassionate in doing so.

We have heard so many sermons on the love of God in this country but few on the holiness and justice of God that we forget the penalties for disobedience. God is a patient God but there is an end to His patience, and I fear, we are dangerously close or perhaps have exhausted it. Has our destiny already been determined or is there still time for us to repent and turn back to God? It’s never to late for the church to focus on God’s Glory and God’s character and commit to being a humble and broken church unashamedly chasing after God and His Will for us. And, the church needs to take the reins of leadership and become righteously angry enough, lovingly motivated enough, and passionately committed enough to address and repent of our national sins and pray and seek God’s face, and turn from our wicked ways. Then and only then will God “hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land”. (*1) And in the process see the rebirth of a truly United Sates of America.

Mason Swinney

(*1) 2 Chronicles 7:14

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Jesus The Cursed

God promises blessings and cursings
by the way we honor Him,
blessings to those bringing Him glory
and cursings to those focused on them.

Isaiah overwhelmed by God’s glory,
swore that he was undone
and cursed himself and mankind
like any sinful man should’ve done.

God’s Word says cursed is anyone
who’s hung upon a tree, (*1)
and Jesus received our cursing
so we’d get a blessing, set free.

Jesus perfect yet cursed by the law,
we wretched but blessed by Decree
our cursing transformed to a blessing
as God’s elect saved supernaturally.

Jesus’ focus wasn’t mainly on people,
He only, always did what the Father did (*2)
and though we receive the blessing
His Father’s Glory’s what mattered to Him.

Holiness is the attribute of God’s attributes (*3)
though most sinners zero in on His love
but it’s why Jesus set aside His Divinity (*4)
so we sinners could be with God above.

Mason Swinney

(*1) Galatians 3:13
(*2) John 5:19
(*3) John Howe, 1670 from “The Attributes of GOD” page 42 by Arthur W. Pink
(*4) Philippians 2:6-8

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Son Shine Mornings

The sun winks in the morning
as we strain to listen in
so glad we hear the whispers
as a new day shines again.

Our dance cards slowly filling
but we make some time to spare
amazed at signs and wonders
and miracles (1) God gives to share.

They start off as incidentals
but their tails spread over years
cause it’s God who transforms moments
and makes blessings out of fears.

It is God who paints the mundane
making sunlit days from dew
and when life’s sautéed by Jesus
its roughage becomes the finest stew.

So start your day with Jesus
before you face mere mortal man,
cause beginning days with their Creator
life becomes the sweetest flan.

Mason Swinney

(1) Hebrews 2: 4

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The American Holocaust

While I understand though don’t necessarily agree with the thought process behind removing statues of former pro-slavery, racist individuals, perhaps time and money would be better spent eliminating organizations that are/were pro-slavery and/or racist.

One for example is Planned Parenthood and its founder Margaret Sanger who believed in a master race and was in favor of birth control and abortion as a means of weeding out inferior races. Their eventual overall strategy was brilliant. Get into public schools under the guise of teaching sex education thereby encouraging young people to try safe sex knowing that protected sex would eventually lead to unwanted pregnancies and abortions.

Her damnable founding principles laid out below may continue since black women now constitute 13% of the female population in the United States and yet have 30% of the abortions thanks to organizations such as Planned Parenthood. The Vox documentary “Abortion As Black Genocide” reflects that this sentiment is being stated by more and more people in the black community as the pro-abortion world is actively trying to rewrite and soften Ms. Sanger’s Non-Aryans, anti-Black, anti-Slavic, anti-Jewish, anti-Hispanic, etc. position. The following are a few of Ms. Sanger’s quotes about birth control and abortions to support these observations.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood stated that “‘More children from the fit, less from the unfit’ (*1a). She stated ‘the cruelty of charity’ (*1b) was the ‘organized attempts to help the poor were the ‘surest sign that our civilization has bred, is breeding, and is perpetuating constantly increasing numbers of defectives, delinquents, and dependents’ (*1c). She went on to write that the most ‘insidiously injurious philanthropy’ was the maternity care given to poor women (*1d). She concluded her diatribe by describing all those who refuse to see the necessity of severely regulating the fertility of the working class as ‘benign imbeciles, who encourage the defective and diseased elements of humanity in their reckless and irresponsible swarming and spawning.’ (*1e) ‘Her alternative to charity was to ‘eliminate the stocks’ that she felt were most detrimental ‘to the future of the race and the world’. (*1f)”+10

Ms. Sanger thought marriage was a “degenerate institution” and believed in Eugenics which is defined as the study of how to arrange reproduction within a human population to increase the occurrence of heritable characteristics regarded as desirable. It was developed largely by Francis Galton as a method of improving the human race. Ms. Sanger “had become closely associated with the scientist and theorist who put together Nazi Germany’s ‘race purification’ program. She had openly endorsed the euthanasia, sterilization, abortion, and infanticide programs of the early Reich. She even commissioned Dr. Ernst Rüdin, the Director of the Nazi Medical Experimentation program, to write for The Review himself.”+20

Abortion flowed out of her desire to eliminate “‘human weeds,’ for the cessation of charity, for the segregation of ‘morons, misfits, and the maladjusted’ and for the sterilization of ‘genetically inferior races'” as detailed in her book “The Pivot of Civilization.”+30

She stated in her book “Women and the New Race” that “the most merciful thing a large family can do to one of its infant members is to kill it”.+40

In 1939 her “‘Negro Project” stated ‘The mass of Negroes’, ‘particularly in the South, still breed carelessly and disastrously, with the result that the increase among Negroes, even more than among Whites, is from that portion of the population least intelligent and fit.’(*1) She went on to say ‘We do not want word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the Minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their rebellious members.’ (*2)”+50

From her own words Ms. Sanger shows herself to be unashamedly racist and bigoted and reflects her and other left-leaning liberals like her lover and mentor Havelock Ellis, Pearl Buck, H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw, Lothrop Stoddard and others that held similar racial beliefs that were similar to the Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin’s of their day. Her and Planned Parenthood need be forever removed from our country for the blood of over 60,000,000 slaughtered pre-born and now in some places born but killed children cry out.

Next we’ll explore the pro-slavery and pro-abortion Democratic Party and its supporting puppets from the news media like the New York Times and others.

Please share this post before the Facebook censors remove it. Thank you.

Mason Swinney

+10- George Grant, “Grand Illusions, The Legacy of Planned Parenthood”, Wolfemuth & Hyatt, Publishers, Inc., page 27
(*1a) Margaret Sanger, “Birth Control”, The Birth Control Review, May, 1919, page 27
(*1b) Margaret Sanger, “The Pivot of Civilization”, New York: Brentano’s Inc., 1922, page 105-123
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(*1)-Linda Gordon, “Woman’s Body, Woman’s Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America” (New York: Penquin, 1974, Page 332
(*2)-Ibid, Page 332-333

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